There has been a dramatic rise in the incidence of young, seemingly healthy women who are unable to get pregnant.  Female Infertility Solutions procedures costing tens of thousands of dollars, OR MORE, are commonplace, and yet infertility rates continue to rise. Why? Conventional medicine tends to chalk up infertility as a prescription drug or implantation procedure deficiency, while charging tens of thousands for a process that is often unsuccessful. The arduous and frustrating journey can leave couples feeling broken, inadequate, disheartened and depressed.

sad young woman holding pregnancy test feeling hopeless

Does This Sound Like You?

Are there natural female infertility solutions that ACTUALLY ADDRESS THE ROOT CAUSE of this epidemic? Just as importantly, are there female infertility solutions that don’t cost an arm and a leg?


If You Answered NO, Then Read On…

“Functional Fertility” offers a more comprehensive approach for improving fertility. Hormones, detoxification and advanced nutrition all play an integral role in the health and viability of a woman and therefore play a major role in her ability to reproduce.

There are 3 MAJOR fertility factors (and several others) that are often missed when working with conventional wisdom. By addressing these three factors FIRST, you optimize not only your own personal health and fertility but also the health and well being of your child.


1. Balanced Blood Sugar

All bets are OFF on ovulation, restorative sleep and optimal menstrual cycles when blood sugar is a bit off kilter.

Have you been evaluated for insulin resistance or hypoglycemia? In order to enhance fertility, you MUST be or you are missing a major potential problem.

2. The FULL Hormone Assessment

Positive Pregnancy Test over a pregnancy test explanation - many uses in the medical industry.

You would THINK that one of the FIRST procedures done with fertility patients would be to run a FULL HORMONE PANEL, right? Unfortunately, “full panel” usually means something different!

Most doctors use lab ranges that are not necessarily “optimal”. They typically are checking to make sure your hormone levels are not dangerously out of whack, which is good. However, in matters of fertility, it makes sense to look a little deeper and reach for optimal instead of just okay, or what is merely the average of most unhealthy women!

In addition, it is IMPERATIVE to do a FULL THYROID panel and DAY LONG CORTISOL (Your adrenal glands “stress hormone”) ASSESSMENT – two critical tests that are rarely ever done!

3. Daily Toxicity Trends-

Toxicity is something that lurks in the background of many hormonal based issues, particularly fertility. Toxins can congest the area around the pituitary gland, a central player in the entire hormonal system. There have been times that DETOXIFICATION ALONE allows women to become pregnant, even before we ever get to fully evaluate the comprehensive lab tests!

Did you know you are exposed daily to ESTROGENIC TOXINS that have been casually added to our paint, mattresses, cleaning supplies, weed killers and FOOD!? No amount of implantation procedures of fertility drugs can detoxify the body. You need to ADDRESS THE CAUSE.