PCOS is considered by many health authorities as the #1 cause of infertility in the United States. Yet many of those same experts do not understand how to provide Natural PCOS Solutions for their clients. The good news is that PCOS solutions do exist IF you look beyond the scope of conventional wisdom…

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Are You Looking To Once And For All Take Control Of Your Life And Do You Want To Understand Exactly What Is Going With Your Health And Why You Have The Symptoms You Have?

Do You Want To Finally Discover “The Cause” Of Your Condition And Finally Be Shown Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Effectively Manage Your Condition Without Masking Your Symptoms With Dangerous Drugs?
If You Answered Yes, Then Read On…

Does This Sound Like You?

  1. Do you have absent or irregular periods?
  2. Do you have a low or absent sex drive?
  3. Do you have ovulation problems?
  4. Is your hair thinning in the places where you want hair growing?
  5. Do you have excess body hair growing in unwanted places?
  6. Do you have problems losing weight?
  7. Have you recently gained weight for unknown reasons?
  8. Do you have blood sugar problems?
  9. Do you suffer with bouts of depression?
  10. Are you fatigued when you should not be?
  11. Ever feel like your Doctor is playing trial and error with dangerous medications?

PCOS is also probably the leading cause of infertility in the United States today!

So Here Is What Typically Happens…


At some point women usually in their late teens or early twenties realize that something is just not right with their health and body and start to experience once or more of the symptoms listed above. At this point many seek the advice of a doctor who runs some basic tests to determine the “problem.” The results come back and usually medication is prescribed to “fix things.” Depending on the goals of the patient and the severity of the metabolic dysfunction, a referral to an even more specialized practitioner may take place. This practitioner may even opt for a very aggressive approach to “take complete control” of one or more body systems to achieve the desired goals. But, the most of the time the important part of the puzzle is often overlooked, what is the true cause of your condition.

You see you can not fix cavities in your teeth by taking aspirin and you certainly can not fix the cause of your PCOS / Infertility issues by forcing the body through advanced medical chemistry to do something it does not want to do. (Oh, you can override it for a period of time, however if you do please remember, there are consequences) There is a REASON why your body is not functioning properly and you will never get truly “well” unless you address the underlying causes, plain and simple, it does not and can not work any other way.
What Makes Our Approach Different And So Effective?
To Sum It Up …. Perspective, State Of The Art Diagnostic Testing & Cutting Edge Methods!

Our approach is usually 180 degrees opposite to most “traditional” health care practitioners. While we rely on a few of the same tests traditionally used to treat PCOS & Infertility such as blood work, we also utilize cutting edge advanced diagnostic testing such as free fraction hormone and DNA gastrointestinal analysis along with advanced immunological analysis to uncover what really is going on with your metabolic dysfunction. Remember our goal is to not compete with the body and force its to act in ways it does not want to but, to work with the body to restore function thereby allowing health and ultimately your health goals to happen naturally… No dangerous medications, No unwanted side affects, No trial and error, Just RESULTS!