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The Trusted Authority in Wellness and Prevention

First-time clients often want to know what exactly it is about us that makes us unique. What is it about us the enables us to have success when conventional approaches often fail?

At Advanced Integrated Health our goal is to empower you with the most cutting-edge Functional Medicine information and advice on topics such as:

Natural, drug-free weight loss, thyroid, heart disease, diabetes, hormone imbalance, autoimmunity, digestive health, depression and cognitive impairment conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The Journal of American Medical Association has shown that “heart disease kills 800,000 people per year and cancer kills 700,000, while diabetes and childhood obesity are rising to epidemic proportions.”

Studies have established that approximately “90% of all diseases are lifestyle-induced. It is now a scientific fact that simple and appropriate lifestyle change can save the lives of millions every year.”

The only logical solution to our health care crisis is less sick people!

Therefore, our mission is to save and transform lives by focusing on Wellness and Prevention, not merely the treatment of symptoms, sickness and disease.

We offer true wellness based solutions such as corrective chiropractic care aimed to maximize neurological, organ, & immune function, customized nutritional rejuvenation to provide toxin purity and mineral sufficiency at the cellular level and unique exercise movements designed to maximize fat-burning, oxygenation, hormonal balance, anti-aging, strength, & brain function.

Lifestyle change is primarily NOT about behavior modification, as most people think…

It is mostly about BELIEF modification.

Therefore, our primary responsibility and commitment to our community is to share the principles of life and health anywhere and everywhere possible.

To this end, you will see us teaching these principles at community events, corporate meetings, stores, malls, & schools. Our highest value is health, and we consider the responsibility to lead by example our duty and privilege.

Dr. Robert White, D.C.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Robert White, D.C.:

“Functional Medicine is super-science, the new science of biology, the real understanding of how our bodies work, how they break down and how to restore function to optimal health. It goes beyond the symptoms to uncover the root causes of poor health by looking at your entire body and its interaction with your specific environment.”

Dr. White specializes in natural solutions for Type II diabetes, thyroid, autoimmune, gut, chronic fatigue, and infertility issues.

Dr. Jason Kaufman, D.C.

Advanced Nutrition & Cellular Detoxification

Dr. Jason Kaufman, D.C.

“In the United States, we have the most over-fed and under-nourished people in the world. Losing weight isn’t so much about eating less, it’s about eating better. It’s not about exercising more, it’s about resting more. And it’s not about taking drugs or risking surgery, it’s about addressing the hidden, underlying cause of our obesity epidemic: toxins, inflammation and hormonal imbalance”

Dr. Kaufman specializes in rapid, sustained fat burning, with an emphasis on cellular detoxification through advanced nutritional protocols and lifestyle (particularly stress management) modification.

A Focus on Wellness and Prevention

Not just the treatment of symptoms, sickness and disease.

Drs. White and Kaufman have dedicated their careers to teaching the principles of wellness and prevention and identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through the ground breaking approach known as Functional Medicine. Through private practice and community education efforts they strive to empower others to stop managing symptoms and instead address the underlying causes of illness.

Drs. White and Kaufman also offer long-distance consultations by phone or Skype to help customize specific wellness plans to help individuals improve performance and impede the progress of chronic, degenerative disease.