Dr. Robert White, D.C.

Dr. Bob was born and raised in Florham Park, New Jersey.

He received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and had a successful landscaping business upon graduating.


Dr. Bob became interested in wholistic health in his mid-twenties after an encounter with an alternative health professional resolved the painful, persistent ear infections that he had struggled with his entire childhood.

This profound experience made him rethink what he wanted to do as a career. He sold his business and returned to school, eager to help others just like he had been helped.

Dr. Bob loved the philosophy of vitalism, which teaches about the incredible, innate intelligence of our bodies and its power to self-heal when given the opportunity.

His interest in Functional Medicine using whole food supplements was inspired by his desire to help his mom. Unable to solve her raging blood sugar problem with conventional therapies, naturally she looked to her son for help.

He successfully helped her avoid the chronic condition of diabetes, which inspired him to learn more about advanced nutrition and cutting-edge testing to discover the root causes of modern-day disease.

“I feel incredibly fortunate every day to be able to help others function better and increase the self-healing potential of their bodies without the use of prescription medicines or risky surgery.”

In his spare time, Dr. Bob enjoys working out, reading, playing hockey, grilling for friends and family, and spending quality time with his lovely wife, Maria and their two cats, Luke and Leia.