The 3  Reasons Most Doctors Miss Finding The TRUE CAUSE Of Your Health Problems!


In our clinic, (and right here on our website!) we confidently tell our clients:

‘We uncover the HIDDEN, ROOT CAUSES of poor health that most doctors miss.’

Exactly how do we do that, you ask?

Let’s talk about the 3 biggest MISSING PIECES to your personal health puzzle.

First, let’s about the way we TEST people in order to uncover these HIDDEN, ROOT CAUSES of their stubborn symptoms.

See, poor health leaves clues…

And we are medical detectives!

So, question…

Can most doctors fix a problem that they don’t see?

In other words, imagine you HAVE a problem.

(You probably don’t have to imagine if you’re reading this)

But your doctor just does NOT see it.

How can a doctor fix a problem that he or she does not see?

What we hear all the time is this:

‘Doc, I don’t look my best (for example, ‘This is the most I’ve ever weighed’) and I don’t feel my best…

…I KNOW my body and I am just NOT functioning at my best.’

It’s like your sleep, your digestion, your energy, your hair, skin and nails, your sex life, your metabolism –these are just NOT good and you KNOW it…

But still, our patients tell us –

(Here it comes…)

‘My doctor says my lab tests are normal’

So, is this you?

See in our world, (the exciting, new field of medicine known as Functional Medicine, or Lifestyle Medicine) our approach to HEALTH is fundamentally different than most doctors.

Remember, we uncover the HIDDEN, ROOT CAUSES of poor health.

How do we do that, you ask?

First and foremost, we TEST people differently.

Second, we interpret the results VERY differently.

Believe me, we’re not smarter.

We just have a different set of tools and a different perspective about health.

So, we’re able to find the things that other doctors miss.

(That’s why we call it the missing piece)

See, in Functional Medicine we look for different things that doctors who are not focused on wellness and prevention DO NOT look for.

And then we go about restoring FUNCTION to the things that they MISSED.

But not only restoring function, so that you merely ‘feel better’.

That’s not enough!

We restore and then OPTIMIZE your health potential.

So, ADVANCED TESTING is one of the main MISSING pieces to your health problems and a main reason that we are DIFFERENT.

Here’s an example we see all the time in our clinic…

So, here’s a question for you.


It’s a question that most DOCTORS are not asking.


But they should.


Could there be a flaw in these regular blood tests – specifically, are they INCOMPLETE?


Today’s example will be testing for THYROID…

First, let’s talk quickly about what we’re looking for when we test your thyroid.

For the most part, we are looking for LOW thyroid function, what’s called HYPOTHYROID

Now, when something causes your thyroid gland to weaken and not produce enough thyroid hormone – that’s a problem!

See, that’s they thyroid’s job.

It’s a gland, and glands produce hormones which are chemical messengers that leave the gland and travel through the blood to affect other cells.

So, when something interferes with this, you will experience the symptoms of low thyroid…

These include cold hands and feet, constipation, brain fog, depression, loss of or thinning of hair, dry skin, low libido, and the inability to lose weight no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise…

Other than that, you’re fine!

Now, when your thyroid just isn’t working up to par your BRAIN knows it.

So, what does it do?

It screams down to your thyroid, ‘Hey, get to work down there!”

Well, it doesn’t talk, it uses a hormone called TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

So, when we look at REGULAR blood work to confirm a person has LOW thyroid, what do we expect to see?

If you said HIGH TSH, you are correct.

In other words, when there is a problem with your thyroid gland, your brain responds by increasing the amount of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

So HIGH TSH means low thyroid – make sense?

Here’s the problem…

Is that enough?

Can something else cause low thyroid symptoms, even though TSH is normal?

Is testing only for TSH enough, or is it INCOMPLETE and INADEQUATE?

As it turns out, even though your doctor says your lab work is normal, (even though your TSH is normal), you can STILL have every thyroid symptom in the book.


So, here’s the rest of the story…

(And why you need ADVANCED testing)


We talked about the thyroid gland making thyroid hormone.

Well, the MAIN thyroid hormone is something called T4.

Doctors call this ‘inactive’ thyroid – its basically in the OFF position.

That hormone gets turned into a hormone called T3.

Doctors call T3 ‘active’ thyroid – its in the ON position.

That process, called conversion, occurs mostly in the liver and in the gut.

So, it depends…hear this now…it depends on the health of your liver and gut!

And then, finally, this hormone T3 goes into all of your body cells.

That’s why thyroid hormone is so special – it goes into EVERY cell of your body – that’s not true of most hormones.

Now, what would happen if your thyroid gland was totally fine – no problem at all…

However, there was a HUGE problem in this process called conversion?

Well, you would not make enough of the active hormone T3.

You would have lots of thyroid symptoms, even though the gland itself was fine.

And your doctor will tell you…

‘Your lab tests are fine.’

To make matters worse, what if conversion was not a problem…

However, at the last minute, something else, something totally different, interfered with T3 actually going into the cell – something blocked it?

Again, you would have lots of thyroid symptoms, even though the gland itself was fine, and the conversion was fine.

In other words, you will have thyroid symptoms, even though your doctor says your lab work is normal.

You see, if you ONLY look at TSH, you will MISS all these other things.

Unfortunately, the REGULAR bloodwork that you’re used to does NOT usually include ALL these other tests…

So, most doctors don’t see a problem at all.

Even though you STILL thyroid symptoms!

I hope you can appreciate the ENORMOUS difference this makes – this one thing – the fact that regular lab work is INCOMPLETE (which is why we do all these other important tests) – is often the difference in success or failure in resolving thyroid symptoms.

Because again, how can a doctor solve a problem he or she does not see?

To see these things, you can’t use REGULAR lab work

You need Advanced Metabolic Lab Work.

Incomplete testing results in frustration and failure, but MORE, ADVANCED METABOLIC tests results in success.

Because the FIRST step in helping people is UNCOVERING THE HIDDEN, ROOT CAUSES of poor health that other doctors have MISSED…

That’s why, again, we call this…


The Missing Piece


(There are other missing pieces, we’ll find those, too!)



In conventional medicine, treating a person’s symptoms, sickness and disease is like looking to rebuild a car that has just gone off a cliff.

You need to send a tow truck and an ambulance!

But looking for health is different.

That’s noticing that the check engine light is on, you’re out of brake fluid and the car is running out of gas.

We need to take care of these things BEFORE we go off the cliff, right?

In our office, we do not suppress or even treat symptoms.

Instead, we address ROOT CAUSES.

So, in Functional Medicine we look for different things that doctors who are not focused on wellness and prevention DO NOT look for.

Let’s talk about one of these differences today.

Despite their doctor’s good intentions, our patients STILL suffer from things like REALLY stubborn weight loss resistance, blood sugar imbalances and persistent thyroid symptoms.

Things like digestive distress, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome.

Like brain fog.

Like fibromyalgia and joint pain.

Like mood swings, anxiety and depression.

Like infertility and hormone imbalances.

These are conditions that we see here every day – and there is NO doubt that a BIG part of the reason we get the clinical results that we do, often when traditional medicine fails, is because we ASK a question most doctors DO NOT ask.

(And then we answer it!)

So, here’s the question…


Nutritional Deficiency is the #1 cause of most of the chronic health challenges we see in this office – the things I just mentioned.

But the ordinary bloodwork that you’re used to does NOT test for that.

Once again, you need Advanced Metabolic Lab Work.


I tell patients this…

The demands of modern living, the enormous physical, chemical and emotional stress on our body PLUS the poor quality of food due to the insufficient mineral content of our soil…

These two things will guarantee that you are deficient in key nutrients.

Essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids.

Essential means your body must have them but cannot make them.

A lot of people ask us…

Well, doc can’t I just take a multivitamin?

The problem is that the amount of real nutrition in most of these commercial SYNTHETIC products you’re getting on the shelf at your local Vitamin Shoppe…

It’s so small!

But to fix a major deficiency – to change a chronic condition…

You need a lot of what you’re deficient in, and it can’t be synthetic.

Synthetic vitamins are FAKE.

Are your vitamins synthetic?

 Yes, (most likely) because 95% of ALL supplements are FAKE!

Here is a perfect example, we see this all the time.

Let’s say we test a person’s vitamin D level and it is 17.

Now, the optimal range is 50-80.

Under 30 is total vitamin D deficiency and under 20 is pathologically low.

This person is a 17!

This is the biggest thing in breast cancer research, right now.

Vitamin D is actually called a ‘prohormone’ – a huge player in your endocrine system.

(That’s your hormones.)

Here in New Jersey vitamin D deficiency is common because we don’t see the sun half the year.

Most synthetic multivitamins, which have maybe 400 IU are not going to get the job done!

This person with pathologically low vitamin D…

They need 5,000-10,000/day but getting only 400!

See the problem?

B Vitamin deficiency is also very common these days.

Do you know why?

Stress destroys your B vitamins!

But so does gluten.

Did you know that nearly 40% of Americans are gluten intolerant?

They have a sensitivity to it and might not even know it!

Gluten is like glue, that’s where the name comes from, it’s a very sticky protein.

And it just damages the villi, the microvilli in your small intestine.

That just where you absorb all your nutrients.

So, when that happen you become nutrient deficient.

This leads to over 200 different health conditions.

Everything depends on adequate nutrition to the cells, right?


How can you make new, healthy cells without the raw materials, the proper healthy nutrients, from the proper healthy food?


So, what specific nutrients are YOU deficient in but don’t even know it?

Foods are supposed to nourish and help the body heal.

What a concept, right?

We need to discover exactly what those deficiencies are in order to get you balanced.

And the only way to do that is to test – we don’t guess we test.

Because we know if we can take you from nutritional deficiency to nutritional sufficiency.

Then we can help a lot of people…

We do it every day.


The diagnosis and treatment (suppression) of symptoms (most doctors) is different than the detection and correction of nutritional deficiencies (us).



Attention: What you are about to learn applies to EVERY poor health condition, YES EVEN YOURS, that we see in our clinic, NOT just stubborn weight loss…


Here’s a question we get all the time…

‘So, why am I fat, Doc?’

This is a question we get ALL day, EVERY day.

‘I eat well, I exercise, but I just can’t lose weight’


‘I can lose it, I mean, if I really PUSH MYSELF HARD, I can LOSE it…

I just can’t KEEP it off.’

Frustrating, isn’t it?

If you want to know why, despite good intentions and good effort, you can NOT lose weight or keep it off…

I’m going to tell you why.

You’re fat because your fat burning HORMONES, are not working.

What do hormones have to do with weight loss? The answer is everything.

Because HORMONES – hear me now, HORMONES control METABOLISM.

There are over 600 hormones in your body.

But you only have to know how to turn ON the 6 (or so) that make you BURN fat.

You also must know how to turn OFF (or minimize, or balance) the 3 that make you STORE fat.

That is the secret.

See anybody can lose water weight – the thing that makes us different- we teach our patients how to turn on those 6 fat-burning hormones.

In other words, how to get into and STAY INTO healthy fat burning.

I call the weight loss industry a wild jungle – false claims, junk science marketing hype – how do we know that?

Because diets (specifically calorie counting) do NOT work.

And haven’t for the past 50 years!

In the long run, most people gain all the weight back and the reason they fail is because they all ignore the true underlying ROOT CAUSES of all poor health conditions.

We’ve already talked about a BIG one, nutritional deficiencies.

And this next HIDDEN, ROOT CAUSE of people’s weight issues, is EXACTLY the cause of MOST poor health issues as well…

I’m talking about…


And, naturally, our SOLUTION…

Advanced Nutritional Cleansing – or what we call…


This is the missing link to effortless, permanent weight loss, AND EVERY OTHER HEALTH CHALLENGE.

It’s a core pillar of our customized health programs, what sets up apart from everything out there –

Detoxification on a cellular level.

Going from TOXICITY to PURITY.

See toxins are everywhere, we live in a sea of toxins, nearly 100,000 of them every day block those FAT BURNING hormones I told you ABOUT.

Science calls them “Endocrine disruptors”.

Your endocrine system – that’s your hormone system being interfered with!

And our program is based on the scientific fact that ONE WAY your body attempts to neutralize these poisons is that it will surround them with fat to protect you.

Please read this carefully…

You DO NOT have a weight problem.

You have a weight SYMPTOM.

And a major CAUSE is toxicity!

Toxicity leads to weight gain and stubborn weight loss resistance – cellulite is one vivid example of this.

But if you were to remove these toxic chemicals, these poisons, the body would no longer NEED to hold onto that fat and you would lose weight.

Does that make sense?

Again, toxins are everywhere!

In the air, in our water, and in our food.

(Over 10,000 preservatives alone)

Heavy metals, mold, radioactive elements.

How about 8,000 chemicals in our skin care products?

54 known carcinogens, things that cause cancer, in lipstick alone.

The average American eats 14 lbs. of coloring and additives, 168 pounds of refined sugar, 8 pounds of salt.

The problem is all these chemical toxins clog up the filters of the body,

Primarily the liver and the kidneys, they get congested, and they can’t work

And when they can’t filter them out – they just dump them into the bloodstream.

What would happen if you didn’t change the oil filter in your car for 30 years?

Or your heating system?

Or your dryer vent/ or AC?

What would happen if didn’t change the filter in your vacuum for 30 years?

The answer is pretty obvious – the machinery would break down, right?

And you would too – and you DO.

Small toxic exposure each day from many, many sources.

When the amount of toxins coming in exceeds your capacity to deal with them, the result is toxic overload, altered hormones, altered METABOLISM, and therefore, inability to lose weight, keep it off…

And MANY, MANY other health challenges.

I repeat…


What is the solution?


You must eliminate these chemicals in order to restore your body’s natural ability to heal.

And that’s what we do – we detoxify your body with advanced nutritional protocols, food, herbs, and botanicals that come from nature.

(NOT synthetic ones from a pharmaceutical laboratory.)

Remember, you do not lose weight in order to be healthy!

You must get healthy in order to lose weight

And you will never reach optimal weight, nor reach optimal health (NO MATTER WHAT YOUR HEALTH CHALLENGE), until and unless you address TOXICITY.