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Sep 13, 2022 | Enviromental Chemicals

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ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS AND PESTICIDES ARE POISONS. If you have chronic, unexplained health challenges, then you may want to ask yourself: Are PESTICIDES and ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS Making Me Sick? Unfortunately, in conventional medicine, this type of TOXICITY is either undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or poorly treated.

Why do most doctors miss this HIDDEN CULPRIT? Because PESTICIDES and other environmental chemicals cause many symptoms difficult to identify and even more difficult to solve for doctors unfamiliar with it. These poisons accumulate in the body, becoming an overlooked obstacle to good health.

 The good news is that ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS AND PESTICIDE-RELATED illness can be helped if you know what symptoms to look for, what specialized laboratory tests are useful and how to get rid of them. So, let’s break down this form of TOXICITY, what it really means and how a safe, natural and science-based approach to detecting and correcting these environmental POISONS can restore your health from a nasty problem that many doctors are not trained to suspect or treat.



Environmental Toxins are chemicals that disrupt our biology. They often mimic our hormones, our ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, acting as endocrine disruptors.

They have been linked to cancer and the development of other CHRONIC diseases.

This includes the increased prevalence of Autism, Alzheimer’s and other extremely debilitating neurological disorders.

Even though they have NEVER been fully evaluated for long-term safety, they have the potential to wreak havoc on the body.

Some types are more destructive than others, but all do some degree of harm.

The REAL problem is…


We live in a sea of toxicity.

They permeate the soil, water, air, household products, cosmetics AND our food chain. MANY of the products that fill the shelves of your local grocery store and FULL of all kinds of environmental toxins.

They have been called ‘FOREVER CHEMICALS’, because they can persist in the environment for years without breaking down.

In addition to several types of CANCER and serious neurological problems, they have also been linked to infertility, thyroid problems and other health problems.

For example, for pregnant mothers and the unborn child, these TOXINS do damage to the delicate, developing brain and central nervous system.

It’s a WORLD-WIDE problem, not just here in the United States.

Recently, THOUSANDS of potentially toxic or harmful chemicals still used in cosmetics, toys and even baby products could soon be banned in Europe under new regulations.

Up to 12,000 different chemicals present in nearly 80% of consumer products could fall under these restrictions. According to the European Environmental Bureau (which calls these new regulations ‘The Great Detox’), it will be the largest ever ban on toxic chemicals

Are PESTICIDES Making Me Sick – Could This Be What My Doctor Is Missing?

Environmental Chemicals and Pesticides may be making you being sick, even though your doctor is missing the evidence of it. That’s because the symptoms of this toxicity vary greatly from person to person.

So, how do you know if these often-ignored POISONS are a culprit of your poor or unresolved health issues?

What are the SIGNS, SYMPTOMS and SIDE EFFECTS of Environmental Chemical Toxicity?

Pesticides have DIRECT, UNWANTED EFFECTS on your biology. They are linked to serious health problems largely because they damage the MITOCHONDRIA of each individual cell, eventually causing cell death.

Think of mitochondria as the powerhouses of your cells. The battery packs, so to speak.

Over the long term, mitochondrial damage may lead to disease and even speed up aging!

The good news is, you can avoid some of this pesticide damage. But it takes the right nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle strategies.

Mitochondrial Health Is EXTREMELY Important

Mitochondria do far more than power cells. They directly impact the expression of your specific genes, turning them on or off.

Mitochondria are also involved in brain function, detoxification pathways and your entire immune system.

When mitochondria start to fail, that could have far-reaching consequences.

Mitochondrial damage is linked to:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Gut disorders, including chronic constipation
  • Skin disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease

To lower the incidence of disease and support healing, you MUST protect your mitochondria from pesticides.

There are hundreds of TOXIC pesticides that could be meddling with your mitochondria.

Let’s just mention one, arguably the MOST DANGEROUS one, that’s been in the headlines lately.

Public (Pesticide) Enemy #1: GLYPHOSATE


Glyphosate is the weed killer used in Roundup.

This herbicide was introduced in 1974 and is now the most commonly used weed killer in the world. There are nearly 1,000 products that contain the chemical, but the most notorious is Roundup.

Glyphosate is referred to as non-specific herbicide, meaning it can kill most plants. Scientists have developed genetically modified (GMO) crops — like soybeans and corn — to withstand glyphosate.

A major concern is the potential impact of glyphosate on the nervous system of animals and humans.

Many countries are now restricting the chemical’s use, and some are moving toward banning it completely!

Cancer concerns prompted these bans on glyphosate, but it’s still commonly used in the United States.

How YOU Could Be Exposed to Glyphosate


Glyphosate is contaminating the FOOD you eat, the WATER you use for drinking and showering, and the AIR you breathe from spraying these chemicals on lawns.

The herbicide is commonly used on MANY popular GRAINS, including:

  • Alfalfa
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Canola
  • Cotton
  • Soybeans
  • Sugar beets
  • Wheat

How Glyphosate May Affect Mitochondria

As discussed, your mitochondria are in charge of generating energy for your cells.

This process may happen at relatively low levels of exposure.

Studies also show glyphosate triggers mitochondria to self-destruct.

The symptoms of this type of toxicity are often missed by doctors as being related to environmental chemicals or pesticides. These symptoms can easily be mistaken for something else.

That’s why environmental chemical and pesticide exposure is often missed or misdiagnosed.

For example, mitochondrial damage from environmental toxicity causes reduced energy production and therefore, extreme fatigue.

The symptoms of ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS can be vague — like obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, brain fog or memory problems, depression, anxiety, poor circulation, leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity in children, autism and autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

To make matters worse, most people don’t always know when they are exposed to ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS.

 My Blood Work is Normal – But I Feel Lousy!

How Do I Know That I Have Environmental Chemical and/or Pesticide Toxicity?


It is difficult to know with certainty that your body has accumulated these poisons. It’s also difficult to diagnose since conventional medicine does not prioritize the FACT that they are a problem.

But there are some clues.

One clue is a sudden, mysterious and unexplainable decline in your health.

Do you suspect or have you been tested for high INFLAMMATION?

INFLAMMATION causes a cascade of problems.

Brain scans of people with pesticide toxicity show inflammation can lead to structural changes in brain tissue. This may contribute to being super sensitive to chemicals, foods, and other items that were previously tolerable in the recent past.

Fortunately, while most doctors IGNORE the role of these chemicals, Functional Medicine providers do consider ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS that affect health and have ADVANCED TESTING that can uncover these HIDDEN factors of poor health.

If you would like to KNOW if you have ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICITY, a common and simple test is a Urine Test. Excreting an elevated level of these toxins is a sure sign of toxicity.

The best, most advanced lab that offers ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS and PESTICIDE testing is Vibrant America.

How Do You Treat Environmental Chemicals and Pesticide Toxicity?


If these chemicals are everywhere, how can you avoid them?

The answer is…

You can NOT avoid toxic chemicals entirely.


What you can do is make lifestyle and food choices that cut down on your exposure to them in daily life.

Here are some GREAT TIPS:

  1. Purchase ORGANIC food. This not only limits your exposure but also OPTIMIZES your body’s immune system. Organic foods are replete with phytonutrients and minerals that help you to detoxify, naturally. Also, avoid processed, refined or prepackaged foods with LONG lists of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, including preservatives and artificial coloring.
  2. Choose GRASS-FED over commercial beef, WILD-CAUGHT over farm-raised, and PASTURED eggs over caged.
  3. PLASTIC contains toxins such as PHTHALATE and BPA. The best storage for your food is glass, when possible.
  4. Filtered water is a must. CHLORINE, FLUORIDE and LEAD are all problematic as they accumulate in your body.
  5. Shop for NATURAL CLEANING products over most that contain harsh chemicals.

The Ultimate KEY to ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL OVERLOAD – Optimize detoxification


 Normally, your immune system defends against the daily assault of environmental chemicals and TOXICITY, but ONLY WHEN it is working correctly and NOT being OVERWHELMED by the extremely high TOXIC BURDEN all around us.

Failure of this ability to detoxify toxins results in health issues.

Supporting the body’s ability to bind to and eliminate toxins is a key part of healing from environmental toxicity exposure. This is where ADVANCED SUPPLEMENTATION can be helpful.


It’s important to work with an experienced practitioner who can recommend the right supplements designed to remove these toxins directly.

So, you MUST support your body’s natural detoxification and drainage systems.

New, emerging technology, designed to help combat PESTICIDE ACCUMULATION by BINDING TOXINS, increasing oxygen, enhancing your liver and thyroid, and SUPPORTING DRAINAGE systems (your body’s NATURAL ability to eliminate poisons from itself) are necessary to successfully recover from this kind of toxicity.

Let’s examine this more closely…

How do I get rid of these toxins in my body?


Special agents are required for this. They BIND toxins in the gut and in other tissues so they can be more easily excreted.

An excellent, natural REMEDY for BINDING environmental toxins is Carbon Technology


Made of specially-selected and precisely-formulated extracts of fulvic and humic acids, Carbon Technology uses these natural substances to tightly BIND toxins to help remove them from your body via stools.

The fulvic and humic acids in Carbon Technology have advantages to binders like charcoal and clay. One big advantage is that Carbon Technology can travel beyond the gut.

Also, fulvic and humic acid extracts are a good source of nutrition. This is good since cells damaged by pesticides and environmental chemicals NEED TO SELF-REPAIR. This includes amino acids, phytochemicals and minerals.

BOOST energy, oxygen levels, and thyroid function

As you know, GLYPHOSATE can GREATLY DAMAGE mitochondria. BROKEN mitochondria result in LESS cellular ENERGY and that definitely hampers your ability to DETOX.

It can also crush OXYGEN levels. Mitochondria need oxygen to generate energy efficiently.

Supplements formulated with fulvic acid extracts designed to restore mitochondrial function, enhance ATP production (your body’s ENERGY source) and thyroid metabolism greatly enhance your detoxification potential.

Support the LIVER

Even though the liver is the body’s main detox organ, environmental chemicals and pesticides, especially GLYPHOSATE, often cause damage to liver cells.

Fortunately, a substance called TUDCA— a naturally present bile acid — helps support the liver. Available in supplement form, it helps:

  • Enhance liver function and bile flow
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase mitochondrial function
  • Provide antioxidant protection

You can see, the correct supplements and botanicals are KEY to solving the ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS and PESTICIDE problem.

Don’t SWEAT it. Correction: SWEAT it out!

TOXIC CHEMICALS and PESTICIDES have been found in sweat.

You will reduce overall toxin burden if you sweat.

This can be accomplished efficiently with an INFRARED SAUNA or with regular physical activity.

Also, it is crucial to keep up your water intake as well.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.


Because pesticides can inhibit the immune system, OTHER chronic infections — such as PARASITES AND VIRUSES — may more easily told hold in your body.

It becomes a vicious cycle since PARASITES make the body more vulnerable to chemical and pesticide toxicity.

Either way, removing unwanted PARASITES from the body helps reduce the STRESS on the immune system.

There Is Hope

Now that you’ve read this far you know that ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS ARE ALL AROUND YOU. They are in your food, in the toiletries you use, in your furniture and rugs and in the air that you breathe.

ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS such as PESTICIDES are hard to avoid!

You understand that they impact a whole host of disease and disorders, from heart disease to obesity, from autoimmune disorder to neurological problems.

So, if you’ve ever asked “What is my doctor missing?” and suspect that ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICITY AND PESTICIDES may be a part of YOUR persistent, unresolved health challenges, do NOT give up.

The good news is that there are doctors with specialized knowledge who are ready with a science-backed action plan to DETECT AND CORRECT TOXICITY.

Addressing these ENVIRONMENTAL POISONS will take you from TOXICITY to PURITY, and allow you to get back to looking, feeling and functioning at your best.