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STUBBORN HAIR LOSS can be an embarrassing health condition. Moreover, it can be downright frustrating. However, understanding the underlying ROOT CAUSES of HAIR LOSS allows you to greatly improve this STRESSFUL condition. Can ENVIRONMENTAL/CHEMICALS TOXINS Cause HAIR LOSS?

HAIR LOSS affects millions of people. The most well-known causes of hair loss include AGING, HORMONES, STRESS and POOR NUTRITION. However, there is one MISSING PIECE to the HAIR LOSS PUZZLE that remains unacknowledged and unaddressed -TOXICITY. This includes ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS and HEAVY METALS.

Fortunately, you can MINIMIZE your exposure to, as well as NATURALLY REMOVE this type of TOXICITY. Read on to discover the main culprits damaging your hair, and the essential steps you must take to combat HAIR LOSS due to ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS.


What Products and Chemicals Cause Hair Loss?

Common Household Items That May Cause HAIR LOSS

HEALTHY, SAFE and NATURAL shampoos and conditioners make the difference between a beautiful head of hair and hair that’s dull and damaged.

While some hair care and styling product ingredients are healthy, not all are SAFE. A few still contain SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS that can potentially HARM your scalp and hair follicles and cause hair loss especially when they’re used excessively.

If you find that hair loss continues after you stop these chemicals, your hair loss may be HEREDITARY or STRESS RESLATED (SEE BELOW)

In addition, common CLEANING and GARDENING products may include SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS that can cause some health issues, including hair loss.

PESTICIDES, INSECTICIDES, HERBICIDES and FUNGICIDES can contain FORMALDEHYDE, which can also affect your overall health as well as the health of your hair.



Some prescription drugs, such as those used in chemotherapy, can cause a type of drug-induced HAIR LOSS called ANAGEN EFFLUVIUM.

This type of hair loss starts when hairs suffer CHEMICAL TOXICITY or INFLAMMATION, preventing them from growing properly. It usually starts within 2 weeks of treatment with prescription medications and is usually temporary.


While most bleaches and hair DYES aren’t dangerous when used occasionally, some DYES and other COLORING PRODUCTS may weaken hair if OVERUSED, eventually causing much more noticeable and SIGNIFICANT HAIR LOSS.




Chronic stress, trauma, illnesses that cause fever, nutritional deficiency and even changes in your hormone levels can cause another form of temporary hair loss called TELOGEN EFFLUVIUMN.

TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM occurs when your hairs rapidly change form the anagen, or GROWTH phase into the telogen, or RESTING phase. It usually causes THINNING and can occur several months after the event.

Telogen effluvium isn’t permanent. Most of the time, the affected hairs grow back once the UNDERLYING ROOT CAUSE, such as STRESS, TOXICITY or a NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY, is treated.


Some scalp infections, such as TINEA CAPITUS (scalp RINGWORM), may affect hair follicles and cause temporary hair loss.

A program to REMOVE PARASITES can prove worthwhile.



Toxic levels of heavy metal exposure can cause major health problems such as neuromuscular disorders, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, cognitive problems and strokes.

Thinning hair and hair loss are also common signs of this type poisoning.

There are a few different ways in which heavy metal toxicity can result in hair loss. The most straightforward way is the ability of heavy metals to directly interfere with the growth of hair by inhibiting the binding capacity of KERATIN.

KERATIN is a type of structural protein that provides strength to your hair and nails.

Heavy metals weaken the bonds of KERATIN, resulting in abnormal development of the hair shaft. This makes the hair shaft increasingly sensitive to breakage.

 That’s what heavy metals do. They POISON different proteins and functions in the body. HAIR THINNING or HAIR LOSS is just ONE NASTY SYMPTOM of how heavy metals poison the body.

Another way in which heavy metals may interfere with normal hair growth is through their ill effect on your entire ENDOCRINE SYSTEM (hormonal system). Your hair growth can be greatly affected by hormonal imbalances, as seen in women with PCOS that often experience hair loss.

Finally, heavy metals can trigger TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM, described above, which is a type of hair loss disorder tied to your STRESS RESPONSE.

So, exposure to heavy metals can both directly and indirectly, lead to changes in hair growth, and potential hair loss.



The TOP 5 HEAVY METALS most guilty in hair loss include arsenic, cadmium, copper, mercury and thallium.


Exposure to ARSENIC typically results from chickens and eggs (not organic) and water. It’s also commonly found in rice.

Arsenic is used in a range of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, and can also be found in drinking water.

Mining, smelting, and burning fossils fuels are other major contributors to contamination of arsenic.

 In addition to the hair growing on your head, ARSENIC is specifically associated with hair loss affecting your eyebrows and eyelashes.



The major exposure to cadmium is through cigarettes and second-hand smoke. It’s also in the food supply in large fish, shellfish and in the soil.

Leafy vegetables, grains, and beans tend to be the worst offenders, as these plants easily absorb it.

CADMIUM TOXICITY is associated with telogen effluvium, and while it is usually one of several CONTRIBUTING FACTORS, it could sometimes be the single, underlying CAUSE of hair loss.



Copper is released in the environment by mining copper and other heavy metals, manufacturing plants that use copper, waste dumps and fertilizer production.

Excess copper in your food can come from eating too many nuts, seeds and beans, common in vegan and vegetarian diets. It’s okay to eat these foods. The problem is OVERCONSUMPTION of copper rich foods and not eating foods with enough ZINC (animal products), that oppose copper.

Copper can directly inhibit the growth of your hair follicles and has been associated with telogen effluvium.



The most common sources of MERCURY today are dental amalgams.

Dental amalgams can contain up to 50% of mercury, which make them a potentially significant source of toxic exposure right in your mouth. Shellfish and fatty fish like mackerel, swordfish, and tuna also contain high levels of mercury.



The primary way in which you’re exposed to THALLIUM is through air pollution Thallium is naturally occurring in petroleum. It’s found in pesticides that kill rodents (RODENTICIDES). Rodenticides containing thallium have been implicated in inducing MASSIVE HAIR LOSS

It is also used in the manufacturing of optical lenses, semiconductors, and jewelry.

Thallium accumulates in your system and can induce extensive hair loss that affects your scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, and limbs..



 Adequate Protein Consumption

Your hair is mostly protein, so to strengthen your hair, make sure you’re consuming enough amino acids, the building blocks of protein which your hair needs to grow. Research shows that inadequate protein intake can lead to hair loss and that getting in the correct amino acids can promote hair growth.

Therefore, if you’re concerned about hair loss, take a look at your DIET and make sure you’re getting sufficient amounts of high-quality protein like organic, pastured eggs, wild-caught fish, and grass-fed meat. Additional treatment such as laser medspa can also help with hair health.


Check Your Iron Status

Iron deficiency is associated with hair loss. This is especially true for premenopausal women, and if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.


Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil has an affinity for KERATIN and is able to penetrate the hair shaft. Massaging with coconut oil may help to prevent damage and hair loss.



Research shows that essential oils like THYME, ROSEMARY and LAVENDER improve symptoms of hair loss.


How Do You Get Rid of Heavy Metals from Your Body?

 Heavy Metal Detox: The MISSING KEY to HAIR GROWTH


Can You Reverse HAIR LOSS?

All of the above tactics help to improve the health of your hair. However, if you want to get to the true ROOT CAUSE of this issue, you must eliminate the factors that are contributing to hair loss in the first place.


Since HEAVY METAL TOXICITY has both a direct role in hair loss, as well as an indirect role via hormonal systems, immune function, and stress — a HEAVY METAL DETOX should be your first step in reclaiming healthy hair.

Normally, your immune system defends against the daily assault of all environmental chemicals, including HEAVY METAL TOXICITY, but ONLY WHEN it is working correctly and NOT being OVERWHELMED by the extremely high TOXIC BURDEN all around us.

Failure of your body’s natural ability to detoxify itself from toxins results in health issues.

Supporting the body’s ability to bind to and eliminate toxins is a key part of healing from HEAVY METAL exposure.

When removing metals from your body, you need to do it correctly. Heavy metals can lodge deep into your tissues and can be quite challenging to remove. Luckily, mother nature has provided us with nutrients that can penetrate deep into your tissues and dislodge heavy metals — so that your body can then remove them.

So, you MUST support your body’s natural detoxification and drainage systems.


New, emerging technology, designed to help remove HEAVY METAL POISONING and SUPPORTING DRAINAGE systems (your body’s NATURAL ability to eliminate poisons from itself) are necessary to successfully recover from this kind of toxicity.

Let’s examine this more closely…


How do I get rid of these TOXINS in my body?

Special agents that BIND toxins in the gut and in other tissues so they can be more easily excreted are required for this.

An excellent, natural REMEDY for BINDING environmental toxins is called Carbon Technology

Made of specially-selected and precisely-formulated extracts of fulvic and humic acids, Carbon Technology uses these natural substances to tightly BIND toxins to help remove them from your body via stools.

Fulvic and humic acid are two of the strongest natural chelators of heavy metals. The minerals contained in fulvic and humic acid help to push metals out of your tissues, relieving your body of this toxic burden.

Carbon Technology has advantages to binders like activated charcoal and bentonite clay, two common, but inferior binders.

One big advantage is that Carbon Technology can travel beyond the gut.

Also, fulvic and humic acid extracts are a good source of nutrition, including amino acids, phytochemicals and minerals.  This is good since cells damaged by pesticides and environmental chemicals NEED TO SELF-REPAIR.

The biggest mistake people make in detox is not taking a binder.

CARBON TECHNOLOGY is extremely efficient at helping to remove heavy metals from deep within your tissues that are causing issues like hair loss.



Because HEAVY METALS can weaken your immune system, OTHER chronic infections — such as PARASITES AND VIRUSES— may more easily take hold in your body.

It becomes a vicious cycle because then these PARASITES make the body more vulnerable to HEAVY METAL toxicity.

Either way, removing unwanted PARASITES from the body helps reduce the STRESS on the immune system.


There Is Hope

In conclusion, ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS and HEAVY METAL POISONING are difficult to avoid completely and impacts many disorders, including heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disorders, brain or neurological problems AND HAIR LOSS

So, if you’ve ever asked “What is my doctor missing?” and suspect that HEAVY METAL POISONING may be a part of YOUR persistent, unresolved HAIR LOSS, do NOT give up.


It’s important to work with an experienced practitioner who can recommend the right supplements designed to remove these toxins directly.

The good news is that there are doctors with specialized knowledge who are ready with a science-backed action plan to DETECT AND CORRECT TOXICITY.

Addressing these HEAVY METALS will take you from TOXICITY to PURITY, and allow you to get back to looking, feeling and functioning at your best.