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How To Lose Weight in A Toxic World

Mar 21, 2018 | Weight Loss

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How To Lose Weight in A Toxic World

How To Lose Weight In A Toxic World

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Why less food and more exercise are NOT the keys to stubborn weight loss…

Have you ever thought “Why is it so hard to lose weight?”

“It shouldn’t be this hard!”

Is this you?

You’ve tried counting calories, insane exercise, prescription medications, maybe even thought about (or even done) risky surgery.

Still, no success in losing weight or more frustratingly, KEEPING it off.

You’re right:

It shouldn’t be this hard to lose weight!

So, what’s your problem?

Well, here’s the secret that the celebrity diet doctors, exercise gurus, pharmaceutical companies or surgeons don’t know (or definitely won’t tell you):

“You don’t have a weight problem!”

That’s right! You don’t have a weight PROBLEM….

You have a weight SYMPTOM!

In the new science of biology, the exciting field of Functional Medicine (also known as Lifestyle Medicine) the way we look at stubborn weight loss resistance (and the reason we can get better and more permanent results), is because we see your weight as the result of (or a SYMPTOM of) the TRUE UNDERLYING (but OFTEN HIDDEN) problem, which is TOXICITY.

The truth is that you really have a HEALTH problem, you’re too toxic!


Two Really Cool (but RARELY revealed) Reasons Toxicity = “I can’t lose weight!”

Reason #1:

Well, one of the ways the body deals with this toxicity, the way it protects you from these chemical poisons, is by…

(Drum roll please)….

Surrounding them with fat!


IF you can remove the toxins, then the body would no longer to hold on to the fat.

You would naturally release the fat, because your body doesn’t NEED it anymore.

Make sense?

But this CAN NOT be done by dieting alone…

This CAN NOT be done by exercise alone…

This CAN NOT be done by drugs alone (many drugs ARE toxins by definition)…

And this most definitely CAN NOT be done by surgery alone!

(I mean come on, how can a scalpel remove chemical toxins?)

So approaching stubborn weight loss and poor fat burning from a Functional Medicine mindset means recognizing these things as SYMPTOMS, or as the RESULT of the REAL PROBLEM, or the REAL CAUSE, which is the underlying toxicity of your cells!



This approach is the secret to why our patients lose weight with:

No drugs, no surgery, no strenuous exercise, no fad diets, fake foods and no counting calories.

For over 40 years the ‘expert’ advice has been counting calories, eating less, exercising more, drugs and surgery.

We know that does not work!

(How do we know, exactly?)


We show you how to get healthy first, so your body must lose weight naturally.

Big Idea, “Aha” moment:

You don’t lose weight in order to be healthy…

You must FIRST get healthy, in order to lose weight.

Reason #2 Toxicity = “I can’t lose weight!”

Another reason you’re struggling with weight is because your fat burning hormones, are not working.

And the main reason they are not working is TOXINS.

What do hormones have to do with weight loss? The answer is everything

There are over 600 hormones in your body, so let’s review them all now…

Just kidding!

Fortunately, you only have to know how to TURN ON the 6 that make you burn fat and know how to TURN OFF the 3 that make you store fat.

That is the secret.

See anybody can lose water weight – the thing that makes us different- we teach our patients how to turn on those 6 fat-burning hormones.

In other words, how to get into and stay into healthy fat burning.

I call the weight loss industry a wild jungle – false claims, junk science and marketing hype.

How do we know that?

Because diets don’t work.  In the long run, most people gain all the weight back and the reason they fail is because they all ignore the true underlying cause.

With our program, we address those causes, AND THE BIGGEST is toxicity, as well as its cousin, inflammation.

That is the key – ELIMINATE the things that make you toxic and inflamed and then you ADD to your body the natural substances that help you detoxify and help cool that inflammation.

Pretty simple idea, but then why is nobody doing it?

The way WE DO IT is Advanced Nutritional Cleansing – this is the missing link to effortless, permanent weight loss, it’s the foundation of our entire program, it’s what sets up apart from everything out there – Detoxification on a cellular level.

See toxins are EVERYWHERE!

We live in a sea of toxins, actually.

Nearly 100,000 of them every day BLOCK THOSE FAT BURNING HORMONES I told you about.

In fact, they are being referred to in the scientific literature as: “Obesogens”

In other words, chemicals that sabotage your biology and cause obesity!

They can also be described as “Endocrine disruptors” –

And your Endocrine system….that’s your hormone system!”

You see it is your HORMONES that control your METABOLISM.

So you do not want ANYTHING to interfere with the proper functioning of your FAT BURNING HORMONES!

Do you?

Cellular Detoxification is based on the scientific fact that in order to neutralize these poisons from your body, the body will surround them with fat to protect you

The problem is that leads to weight gain and stubborn weight loss resistance – cellulite is one example of this…

Yes, cellulite is a TOXIC condition, NOT a fat problem!

But as we mentioned, if you were to remove these chemicals, these toxic poisons, the body would no longer NEED to hold onto that fat and you would lose weight.

Does that make sense?

Just like Michael A., 90 lbs. in 7 months.

John C., 33 lbs. and 22 inches total.

Again, toxins are everywhere –

Over 2.4 billion lbs. in the air, 10,000 preservatives in our food, and 188 million pounds in our water supply.

How about 8,000 in our skin care products!

There are 54 known carcinogens, things that cause cancer, in lipstick alone!

The average American eats 14 lbs. of coloring and additives, 168 pounds of sugar, 8 pounds of salt.

The problem is all these chemical toxins clog up the filters of the body, the liver and the kidneys, they get congested, and they can’t work.

And when they can’t filter them out – they just dump them into the bloodstream.

So what would happen if you didn’t change the oil filter in your car for 30 years?

Or your heating system?

Or your dryer vent or AC?

What would happen if you didn’t change the filter in your vacuum for 30 years?

The answer is pretty obvious – you’d break down, wouldn’t you?

One of the most famous researchers in the world, Dr. Paula Hamilton, she says:

“We are being poisoned by these everyday toxic chemicals, and it makes it harder to maintain proper weight.”

What is the solution, Dr. Hamilton?

She says it clearly in her book:

“You must eliminate these chemicals in order to restore your body’s natural slimming system”

If you force the fat off (extreme diets, exercise, drugs, etc.) but leave the toxins there the fat will come back, because the fat is the symptom of the real problem, TOXINS!

And that’s what we do – we cleanse your body with nutritional cleansing which FIRST eliminates these toxins and then SECOND it nourishes those organs, specifically the liver, and it helps return those glands to balance, your body’s natural slimming system that Dr. Hamilton is talking about.

Remember, it shouldn’t be this hard to lose weight!

And it doesn’t have to be, so long as you address the #1 HIDDEN cause of stubborn weight loss resistance – TOXICITY.