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Beets, also known as beetroot, are a popular root vegetable grown all over the world and considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. BEETROOT POWDER, available online and in health food stores, is made by slowly heating and drying the beetroot before being ground into a fine powder. WHAT ARE THE BIG BENEFITS OF BEETROOT POWDER?

BEETROOT JUICE POWDER is simply the powder that is made from the juice, instead of from the whole root vegetable.

Packed with a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and other vital compounds, BEETS are considered a SUPERFOOD because of their exceptional nutrient profile, including high amounts of PHYTONUTRIENTS which help to cleanse the liver, fiber, folate (Vitamin B9), potassium, Vitamin C and iron.

 This article will highlight the incredible overall health benefits of consuming beets, beetroot POWDER, beetroot JUICE and beetroot JUICE POWDER.

So, let’s take a closer look into the BIG BENEFITS of BEETS.




Beets are an excellent DETOXIFICATION food.

They come in different colors, including purple, red and yellow.

They contain BETAINES, which help cleanse and reduce a FATTY LIVER.

Your liver allows toxins to be turned into harmless particles. This is the process of DETOXIFICATION.

So, basically liver has enzymes to break down chemicals, and the beets improve that process to the point where it helps you detoxify chemicals in your liver.

A healthy liver is key for healing all kinds of whole-body dysfunction.

The bottom line is that BEETS are very liver protective.

The phytonutrients (plant nutrients)

in BEETROOT also have a positive effect on the heart and your cardiovascular system.

They relax arteries, normalize blood pressure and increase blood flow.

Adding BEETROOT POWDER helps flush out TOXINS an purify blood.

Look for organic products which contain NO additives or sweeteners.

Unlike refined white sugar, BEETS contain high natural sugars along with fiber which enables your body to handle these sugars efficiently.

(Beetroot JUICE powder has less fiber than straight beetroot powder)

They are a rich source of nutrients including potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, B, and C.

Adding BEETROOT POWDER to your diet also helps balance major hormones like estrogen and testosterone

It will improve excess estrogen in the liver and indirectly raise testosterone levels to balance it out.

Testosterone works through the liver.

So, it is an overall hormonal balancer.


Men who suffer with Erectile Disfunction (ED) may find BP to gain erections as blood flow will be increased.

Another benefit to the body’s natural drainage/detoxification pathways, BEETS also help the GALLBLADDER as well.

Lastly, the high concentration of antioxidants and minerals prevents free radical damage in the body and slows down the AGING EFFECTS on organs and skin.




BEETROOT juice has been shown to have health enhancing properties particularly to athletes and high intensity aerobic workouts.

Cardiovascular/circulatory system.

BEET ROOT is known as one of the richest sources naturally sources of NITRATES, betaines and other antioxidants.

This is different from sodium nitrate, a potential carcinogen used as a food preservative in packaged meats.

Plant derived nitrates taken up by beet roots in fertile soil convert to nitric oxide after consumption.

Now, nearly every cell in your body produces nitric oxide, which dilates or RELAXES your blood vessels. This widening effect increases blood flow.

This boost improves blood flow to heart, brain and muscles allowing for a more efficient use of oxygen.

Acting as a VASODILATOR, BEETROOT opens up (widens) the blood vessels also lowering blood pressure and or help to maintain healthy levels.

The main effect is in lowering the top number, or the SYSTOLIC blood pressure, which measures pressure while the heart is actually beating.


Research and exercise performance

Several exercise related benefits have been researched with beets.

-Enhances exercise tolerance

-Reduces oxygen expenditure when walking and running

-Improves running performance

-Improves cycling performance

-Positively effects performance of swimmers

-Enhances high intensity performance in soccer players

-Increases time to failure (exhaustion).

For maximum benefits, consuming beets 90 minutes before any athletic effort is suggested.

Levels of beneficial gut bacteria seem to be a factor in nitric oxygen conversion process so results may vary depending on a person’s GUT HEALTH.

Additionally, NITRATE consumption slows cardiovascular aging process.

Nitrates may slow the terrible progress of DEMENTIA.

Nitrates are more available in WHOLE FOOD vegetables, so natural is better than synthetic.


Beet root juice can be interfered with by CAFFEINE.

Lastly, performance benefits of BEETS are NOT just for athletes.

It can be taken as a natural energizer in the morning or between meals for good blood building/cleansing.

Juicing your own is best, as nothing artificial or synthetic is added.


Beet Root JUICE versus Beet Root POWDER


Enzyme beet root JUICE is best but POWDERS are a good alternative since they are simply more convenient to use.



Is there a noticeable taste difference between the actual JUICE or the POWDERS?

Straight BEET JUICE is thicker but its flavor is very similar, best described as an earthy but definitively sweet taste.

POWDERS could be added to other drinks like pre-workout protein shakes.

How are they made?

Beet root powders are made from the juice itself, utilizing cold pressing techniques directly on the juice and using low temp drying it to preserve the greatest amount of nutrients.

There are usually two varieties.

Bulk juice powders or freeze-dried juice powders.

Both dissolve into water for instant beet root juice.

Freeze dried powders tend to have longer shelf life

Always select quality powders from certified organic beets as conventionally grown root vegetable contains and therefore concentrates many chemicals and pesticides sprayed on the crop.

Raw beets are better than cooked due to less nutrient loss.

How to use:

Beet root Juice and water dissolved powders should be consumed on empty stomach or between meals for optimal nutrient uptake. A good way to balance the natural sugar is to add vegetables such as spinach, kale, cilantro celery, cucumber and other water-rich vegetables.

Beet juice powders can be used as a wonderful condiment dashed on soups, on salads or directly into meals.


Can vary from person to person and health goals.

Usually, 1-2 teaspoons in water is a good starting point.

A bit more, around 1 Tb (3 tsp) before exercise is recommended for athletics or HIGH INTENSITY aerobic workouts.





BEETS or Beet Root Juice is NOT RECOMMENDED for anyone with cancerous tumors or candida overgrowth, as a low sugar diet is better. Seek the advice of your physician before supplementing with beets if you are pregnant, nursing, have a serious medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure or are taking prescription medications. BEETROOT may turn urine or stool a red color because they are high in OXALATES so heavy amounts should be avoided by individuals with KIDNEY STONES.


Best BEET Recipes

Although you’d be hard pressed to ignore or deny ALL of the BIG BENEFITS of BEETS or BEETROOT POWDER, many people do NOT like the taste of them.

You can eat them raw, sliced on top of salad or even burgers, which is the best way to retain their nutritional profile, but there are many ways to simply include them in your favorite dishes. They are extremely hard, but roasting them in the oven softens them and mellows their flavor.

Beet Smoothies – Hard to Beat

Adding hard beets to a nutrient-dense smoothie is a simple way to enjoy all the benefits of fresh beetroot. Add some cucumber, carrot and ginger for a great tasting meal or snack.

Beets are a great way to optimize your workouts, weight loss efforts, get more nutritional fiber, and support cardiovascular health. One simple way to reap their benefits is through WHOLE FOOD supplements containing real, preferably organic BEETS. Try it today and see for yourself how incorporating beets into your diet benefits your health.




While Whole Foods like BEETS help the body due its job, the amount of TOXINS in modern society is overwhelming.

Our bodies are designed to DETOXIFY from the outside TOXINS as well as from the inside TOXINS made within our bodies.

Our kidneys, liver GI tract, lungs and skin are part of this natural DETOXIFICATION SYSTEM that biochemically transforms a TOXIC substance so that it can be eliminated.

Normally, your immune system defends against the daily assault of all ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS, including HEAVY METAL TOXICITY, but ONLY WHEN it is working correctly and NOT being OVERWHELMED by the extremely high TOXIC BURDEN all around us.

INFLAMMATION blocks detoxification, too. So, for many of us that have CHRONIC inflammation, this interferes with our ability to self-heal.

Failure of your body’s natural ability to detoxify itself from toxins results in health issues.

Supporting the body’s ability to BIND to and ELIMINATE toxins is a key part of healing from environmental exposure.

So, you MUST support your body’s natural detoxification and drainage systems.


New, emerging technology, designed to help remove TOXINS and SUPPORTING DRAINAGE systems (your body’s NATURAL ability to eliminate poisons from itself) are necessary to successfully recover from this kind of toxicity.

Let’s examine this more closely…


How do I get rid of these toxins in my body?

Special agents that BIND toxins in the gut and other tissues so they can be more easily excreted are required.

An excellent, natural REMEDY for BINDING environmental toxins is called Carbon Technology

Made of specially-selected and precisely-formulated extracts of fulvic and humic acids, Carbon Technology uses these natural substances to tightly BIND toxins to help remove them from your body via stools.

The fulvic and humic acids in Carbon Technology have advantages to binders like activated charcoal and bentonite clay, two common binders, discussed below.

One big advantage is that Carbon Technology can travel beyond the gut.

Also, fulvic and humic acid extracts are a good source of nutrition, including amino acids, phytochemicals and minerals.  This is good since cells damaged by pesticides and environmental chemicals NEED TO SELF-REPAIR.



Because many ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS can weaken your immune system, OTHER things like chronic infections — such as PARASITES AND VIRUSES — may more easily take hold in your body.

It becomes a vicious cycle because then these PARASITES make the body more vulnerable to HEAVY METAL toxicity, for example.

Either way, removing unwanted PARASITES from the body helps reduce the STRESS on the immune system.


There Is Hope

In conclusion, eating cleansing foods like BEETS is a good way to help your liver do its job.

However, ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICITY is difficult to avoid completely and impacts many disorders, including heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disorders and even BRAIN OR NEUROLOGICAL problems such as PARKINSON’S.


So, if you’ve ever asked “What is my doctor missing?” and suspect that TOXICITY may be a part of YOUR persistent, unresolved health challenges, including the signs and symptoms of PARKINSON’S DISEASE, do NOT give up.

 This is where ADVANCED SUPPLEMENTATION can be helpful.

It’s important to work with an experienced practitioner who can recommend the right supplements designed to remove these toxins directly.

The good news is that there are doctors with specialized knowledge who are ready with a science-backed action plan to DETECT AND CORRECT TOXICITY.

Addressing this will take you from TOXICITY to PURITY, and allow you to get back to looking, feeling and functioning at your best.