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“The Future Of Medicine – Available Today” 

~The Promise Of Functional Medicine~

Discover The New, Exciting, Research-Based Solution To Safely And Naturally Reverse Disease And Restore Your Health Once And For All

The plain and simple truth is many doctors today are falling short when it comes to treating  diseases like Type II Diabetes, Thyroid Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and many other modern epidemics.

Take Diabetes for example. What typically happens is a doctor runs a few basic tests and tells you one day that you have Type II Diabetes ...they then tell you to take one or more drugs in order to “normalize” your blood sugar and other lab values.

That is basically how diabetes and most diseases are treated in this country. Unfortunately, simply chasing symptoms most often results in patients getting worse, not better, over time.

Is that the future you want? Of course not.

We must learn to treat the person, not the disease; the system, not just the symptoms.  This is personalized medicine, the medicine of the future.

An understanding of the body’s basic systems, how and why they get out of balance, and how to get them back in balance allows us to create an individualized program for each person.

This is also known as patient-centered health care, rather than disease-focused medicine, and it is a fundamental concept of Functional Medicine — a revolutionary new way to understand the underlying causes of disease and how our genes, our environment, and out lifestyle interact to determine health or disease.

In Functional Medicine, we want to answer the question “Why?” — not just “What is the right drug for this disease?” The question isn’t “What disease do you have?” but “Why are your body’s systems out of balance”

Discovering the answer to that question, we are able to help you hit the rewind button on your life.

  • Our patients reduce and eliminate their need for medications across the board. Many quickly discover that their blood sugars, for example, are lower and more stable off the medications than they ever were when they were on them!
  • Our patients lose weight without exercise.
  • Our patients increase their energy levels…
  • In other words, they reverse their diseases naturally. In fact, a number of our diabetic patients, for example,  actually become non-diabetic. That’s right, they no longer have the disease!

How do we do it?

This must be done by treating the whole system, not the symptom. It is like treating the soil, not the plant.  Just as there is no need for fertilizer or pesticide if the soil is healthy, there is no need for medication if your body is healthy.

To look beyond the label of the disease and uncovering WHY a person exhibits sickness, symptoms and disease, we must determine the underlying causes. We must uncover nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and organ dysfunction that are often hidden under the radar of most doctors.

Again, we are not treating your disease regardless of its name but, addressing the underlying reasons why the condition exists in your body!

When you work to correct the cause of any condition not treat the named symptom, the patients overall health improves.

It just makes sense, if you have a toothache, do you address the reason why the tooth hurts or just mask the symptoms by taking medication? Common sense says address the problem i.e. the cavity and the pain goes away and stays away. It also works like that for other health conditions as well.

And if you have a Thyroid condition instead of Diabetes we can help you as well. Did you know that traditionally most doctors only look at one marker to evaluate your thyroid and often miss the most important test of all? Well, it’s true. But in my office you can rest assured that you will receive a comprehensive evaluation … one that does not cut corners or attempts to minimize the cost to the health care system at your expense.

So to ensure you get on the fast track to better health, please click here to see if you qualify.