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Assessing Nutritional Deficiencies and Health Risks with the Heart Sound Recorder

Your HEART is the most important muscle in your body. Every day it beats 100,000 times, sending 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels!

For OPTIMAL function, it is vital that it has the proper QUALITY and QUANTITY of nutrients to maintain its correct RATE, RHYTHM and TONE.




The Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) is a modern digital version of the Endocardiograph, an engineering medical marvel designed in 1934 by Dr. Royal Lee, the great American inventor and pioneer in nutritional research. This remarkable instrument measures and records the heartbeats which gives doctors insight into how well your heart is FUNCTIONING.

The HSR is a non-invasive technology that uses a specialized microphone placed over your heart. The three key indicators of heart health (RATE, RHYTHM and TONE) are recorded for each of the four heart valves to create a graph.

Why is this important? Because certain types of heart STRESS, (i.e. chemical, nutritional and emotional) can be seen by analyzing these three important indicators.




Once RATE, RHYTHM and TONE are measured, doctors specializing in FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE can offer informed suggestions to expect IMPROVEMENT of the heart sounds. (See sample graph) Comparison graphs help determine the effectiveness of recommendations taken to improve the quality of your life.




Your heart absorbs nutrients very quickly! When proper nutrition is supplied, improvement of the heart can be seen on the graph, often within minutes. Therefore, the Heart Sound Recorder is an important tool in monitoring the progress you are making when you go from Nutritional Deficiency, to Nutritional Sufficiency.







The Three Key Indicators of Heart Health and Function We Measure with the Amazing Heart Sound Recorder



Your autonomic nervous system controls the RATE at which your heart beats. This part of the nervous system has two parts. One side is the SYMPATHETIC, controls your “fight or flight” response, which can ACCELERATE your heart rate. The other side, the PARASYMPATHETIC, controls your “rest and digest” response, which can SLOW your heart rate. A healthy heart has a dynamic balance between the two, with an OPTIMAL heart rate of between 60-80 beats per minute.

“How FAST or SLOW is YOUR heart beating?”


The RHYTHM of your heart sounds shows the specific WORK TO REST RATIO on the graph. Your heart should be resting twice as long as it is working. This means that if you live to the ripe old age of 90, that your heart should be RESTING for about 60 years! Heart Sound recordings are made to see if your heart is working too hard, or not working hard enough.

“Is Your Heart RESTING as much as it is WORKING?”


The TONE of your heart refers to the STRENGTH of the contractions as it pushes blood through your body. The height and the width of the first and second sounds, also known as “Lub-Dub” is the sound your heart makes. A graph of these sounds proves how efficiently your heart pushes blood through your body and if it is properly ‘refilling’ for the next heartbeat.

“Is Your Heart Beat STRONG Enough or is it’s Contraction too WEAK?”



“Heart WEAKNESS is probably the most specific indication of a B-COMPLEX DEFICIENCY. It disappears as soon as the deficiency is restored. If permitted to exist for long periods, it is natural to assume that there will be degenerative changes, enlargement, coronary sclerosis, etc. as a consequence of the overload on the heart muscle.

“We can say that we find no condition, either directly or indirectly, so responsive to nutritional therapy as that which is reflected in heart conditions.”

– Dr. Royal Lee, Pioneer in Nutritional Science







3:30 PM








Why are the SOUNDS (vibrations) of your heart beats so important to understand?

Well, its due to the fact that your heart’s reaction to certain types of STRESS, (i.e. emotional, chemical and especially NUTRITIONAL stress), can be measured using this advanced computer technology.

That’s right! We can actually SEE heart STRESS by having an extremely sensitive microphone HEAR and then RECORD the three key indicators of heart health and function – the RATE, RYHTHM and TONE of your heart beats on a graph, (see above -we do ALL four valves, not just the MITRAL valve).

More importantly, the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) not only measures these indicators, it helps us optimize them for you by addressing a major CAUSE of the problem – NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY!


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Dr. White has helped me make so many positive changes to my lifestyle. I appreciate his expertise as well as his compassion. The office staff are friendly and very accommodating with scheduling appointments. I have been seeing Dr. White for over a year now, and am so grateful for his guidance. I now know how to eat for optimal health, and am feeling a tremendous increase in my overall health. If you are struggling with thyroid issues or other health issues, Dr. White will definitely take excellent care of you. I recommend him highly.

5 star rating

Jennifer Doss

I am very pleased with my experience in Advanced Integrated Health. It is good to be treated with professionalism and care. Dr White is really knowledgeable and his caring attitude is superb. I am truly grateful, I appreciate how great I feel and look after a little bit more than a month on treatment. I am definitely recommending my friends to call and make an appointment, because they won't regret it. Great Customer Service, knowledgeable doctors, follow up, the willingness to answer questions, and offer proper guidance. I am thrilled about my results and ready for more.
A big thank you.

5 star rating

Alexandra Acosta

When I first met with Dr. White, I was very skeptical. I grew up in a house where Diabetes was common and I always "thought" I knew what and what not to eat. I was impressed with Dr. White and Dr. Kaufman's knowledge regarding a healthy weight loss and a healthy way of life. It was more of a holistic approach. The blood work that was done initially, was a lot more detailed than what you get at a yearly physical. I had always been concerned and careful about what I ate, but I never knew the reasons why certain "healthy" foods were better than others. As I began to eat not only healthier, but smarter. The weight came off. It wasn't at the speed of light, but with Dr. White's support and guidance I was able to surpass my goal weight. Advanced Integrated Health is the best gift I have ever given to myself.

5 star rating

Jessica Mester

I have been going to Dr. White since 2013 and started off extremely skeptical. I thought I knew it all! Boy, I didn't know anything. Dr. Bob (as my boys call him) has changed my life! I have energy, less anxiety, lost lots of weight and inches and just feel amazing! I have sent many friends to him and they all say the same thing. He is extremely knowledgeable and always is educating himself on the latest areas in integrated health medicine. I will never stop coming to see Dr. White!!!!!

5 star rating

Alison Cogswell

A very nice practice to visit! I always feel so at home and relaxed. What I've learned here has truly changed my life and helped me to make some lasting improvements. Better energy, weight lost, more stamina, better sleep, better mood. In 3 months, I was able to turn around some significant areas in my bloodwork and I'm more hopeful about the future than ever. I have a chronic condition (PCOS) that I've been trying to learn how to approach for years and I FINALLY feel like I've gotten some good tools to do so! Dr. White has been so great with answering my questions whenever I come to visit. Also very accessible via phone and email!

5 star rating

Lauren M

I started seeing Dr. Kaufman during May 2014. I was overweight and had little energy. Dr. Kaufman put together a diet plan along with some vitamins, shakes and supplements. Since then, I have lost over 20 lbs, am full of energy and sleeping much better. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I also encouraged my husband to see Dr. White. He is doing great and lost over 20 lbs. It's been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend AIH.

5 star rating

Janice Silletti

When I first walked into Advanced Integrated Health, I was overweight, sluggish and just not feeling myself. I met with Dr. White who was very understanding and eager to help me attain my goal of restoring my health. In a few months I have lost 25 pounds, i have my energy back and I feel like myself again. It took hard work but with the support of Dr. White I was able to do it. Not only did I lose weight, Dr. White taught me a new way of living healthy. I owe much my success to him and I am grateful I walked into his office.

5 star rating

Michelle Fernandez

As a recovering Chemotherapy patient my energy had been extremely low. With many attempts to get healthy,feel better and get my life back to normal. I had been unsuccessful and felt lost with where to turn. Thankfully a Good friend Suggested I see Dr. White. After my first visit I was very happy with his method of determining what was going on. Which is exactly what I Needed!!!

What a great Experience I am having! With the Encouragement and support of Dr. Bob White daily, I have increased my energy which has lead to weight loss.

5 star rating

Joanne Negron

A friend recommended Dr. White as a natural approach to weight loss and healing. I was contemplating bariatric surgery but was afraid of the long term problems this procedure could cause. Dr. White was very thorough explaining the process and welcomed all my questions. I must say at the beginning it was not easy but if weight loss was easy we would have an obesity epidemic. This is definitely the best approach to weight loss I know of and I’ve tried them all. You will not starve, but by eating the right foods you will see an almost immediate difference in the way you feel and look. Dr. White will guide you through the process of eliminating the foods that affect your body negatively and introducing those that benefit you. I’ve lost over 25 lbs. in 6 months and I feel fantastic. My energy level is high; the quality of my sleep has improved tremendously. I don’t suffer from pain or panic attacks, blood pressure if perfect. If you are serious about losing weight and improving your health this is definitely the place to go. Everyone in his office is very welcoming. I highly recommend him.

5 star rating

Rosa Rivera